How to find the day of the week for any Date?

In this post, I will show you how you can calculate the day of the week for any date using Zeller’s formula.

The formula was proposed by a Reverend Zeller.

Here’s the formula.

Note [x] stands for the greatest integer smaller than or equal to x. For eg. [5.69] = 5.

Let us suppose we have to calculate the day of the week for 31st August 2019.

  • k is the day of the month. For the given example k = 31.
  • m is the month number when starting counting from March. March is marked as 1, April as 2, and so on. Therefore January is marked as 1 and February is 2. For the given example m = 6.
  • D is the last two digits of the year. If the month is January or February, then D is subtracted by 1. For the given example D = 19 as the month is August. For 31st January 2019, D = 18.
  • C is the first two digits of the year. For the given example C = 20.

Now, let us calculate the value of f for the above date.

Now that we know the value of f let us divide it by 7 to calculate the remainder. Note, that if the remainder is negative, we add 7 to make it positive.

A remainder of 0 denotes Sunday, 1 means Monday, etc. So for our example, 31st August 2019 would be Saturday.

This problem is available on LeetCode.

Here’s the code to implement the same in Java.

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