How to Stream Live Feed From DSLR on Raspberry Pi using FFServer




Setup FFServer

Port 8090
MaxHTTPConnections 2000
MaxClients 1000
MaxBandwidth 1000
CustomLog -
<Feed feed1.ffm>
File /tmp/feed1.ffm
FileMaxSize 200M
ACL allow
<Stream test1.swf>
Feed feed1.ffm
Format mpeg
AudioBitRate 32
AudioChannels 1
AudioSampleRate 44100
VideoBitRate 64
VideoBufferSize 40
VideoFrameRate 20
VideoSize 1056x704
VideoGopSize 12
<Stream stat.html>
Format status
ACL allow localhost
ACL allow
<Redirect index.html>
ffserver -d -f /etc/ffserver.conf

Publish the Stream

gphoto2 --capture-movie --stdout | ffmpeg -re -i pipe:0 -listen 1 -f swf http://localhost:8090/feed1.jpg

View the Stream



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