Wikimedia Commons App’s Participation in FOSS Internship Programs

The Wikimedia Commons Android app is an open-source app created and maintained by grantees and volunteers of the Wikimedia community.

The Wikimedia Foundation is not involved directly in the creation, development or creation of the app. For an app fully maintained by the non-paid community members, this pulse is an extraordinary feat!

If you dig down to the contributor's section for January to March period, you would see that most of the contributors are new to the project. This influx of new contributors is as we included our app for the FOSS internship programs for the following projects

We definitely expected a few students to come and show their interest to the app but the response was simply overwhelming. At least 10 new contributors made their first contribution to the app hoping to grab an internship opportunity.

We made our last release ie. v.2.6.7 on 1st Feb and for the next release, we have a number of features lined up, thanks to the students. Some of the notable feature enhancements added by students apart from bug/crash fixes are:

Here are some screenshots from the app showing what has changed.

Image for post
Image for post
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Revamped Settings and Welcome Screens

We really appreciate the effort all the students have put in to identify issues and fix them. Thanks to them we have managed to fix several bugs and add small yet good to have features which would have otherwise remained in our backlog for a long time.

This is the first mentorship experience for me and I am really excited about interacting with my mentee. I had previously co-mentored Google Code In students for the same project and it really felt good helping school kids get started with their open source journey.

Volunteers are always welcome to the project! Feel free to check out the project and make a contribution[ ;) ] to the Commons Android app.

If you want to get started with Open source you can read my post on how to choose the right project and submit your first pull request.

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Grad Student at ASU | Student Researcher at The Luminosity Lab | Ex Senior Software Engineer, Zeta | Volunteer, Wikimedia Foundation

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