Brief human action recognition literature survey of work published between 2014 and 2019.

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Human action recognition is a standard Computer Vision problem and has been well studied. The fundamental goal is to analyze a video to identify the actions taking place in the video. Essentially a video…

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For this tutorial, I am assuming that you have a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian or Noob OS installed on it. You can get a Raspberry Pi from Amazon if you don’t already have one.

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For this tutorial, I am assuming that you have a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian or Noob OS installed on it. …

Install prerequisites

First, we will install the prerequisites for the FFmpeg library. …

Source: Covid-19 Radiography Dataset [1]

Download the dataset

Firstly, you need to download the dataset from Kaggle. Check these steps for detailed instructions.

Data preprocessing

As a first, step download the dataset from Kaggle and create a new PyTorch dataset using the ImageFolder method.

Neo4J Database visualization.


Download and install Neo4J on your machine.

Custom Data Generator, Layer, Loss function and Learning Rate Scheduler

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Custom Data Generator

Tensorflow provides tf.keras.preprocessing.image.ImageDataGenerator (link) which is apt for most of the use cases but in some cases you might want to use a custom data generator. You can implement the keras.utils.Sequence interface to define a custom generator for your problem statement.

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Make sure that you have tensorflow and tensorflow-datasets installed.

pip install -q tensorflow-datasets tensorflow

Using a Tensorflow dataset

In this example, we will use a small imagenette dataset.

Load the dataset

We will use the tfds.builder function to load the dataset.

  • we are setting as_supervised


In this post, we will be using the Android Paged List to populate a RecyclerView with data from the DB. The DB is populated using network calls. Here’s the flow:

  • The RecyclerView will observe the local DB to display the items in the list.
  • The calls are paginated ie. at a time 10–20 items are loaded and…

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